Billy Ekofo

Born in the USA, but of Congolese origins, Billy’s life and aspiration continues to be marked by
his relentless pursuit for socially responsible meaning in his professional and personal life. At
the age of 17 years old, he fled the Democratic Republic of The Congo (DRC) due to the civil
unrest, and had to begin his life anew in the US. Billy completed undergraduates studies at
Hampden-Sydney College, and after a career in international education and multimedia, he
turned his attention to Business, completed his MBA at The College of William & Mary. It was
while attending business school that his passion for social entrepreneurship deepened - the
notion that businesses can leverage their resources, profits, and services for the betterment of
the community was of true interests, and something Billy aspired to do.
Billy began his career in Real Estate as a newly licensed with a local real estate firm in Northern
Virginia shortly after completing his business degree, and eventually managed the firm’s lead
generation department, and later its development and growth in some of its key markets.
He now serves as Vice President of Business Solutions for Leading Real Estate Companies of
the World ®.
Billy is married to Karen (a real estate attorney), and resides in Ashburn with their two children,
Liam and Jonathan.