Laurie Register

Laurie Register serves as the Director of Industry Relations at Realtors Property Resource​Ⓡ​ (RPR​Ⓡ​), the nation’s largest real estate data, analytics and reporting platform built exclusively for REALTORS​Ⓡ​.  

Laurie has spent the last 10 years building awareness among REALTORS​Ⓡ​ of the many business-building tools at their disposal, most recently through RPR​Ⓡ and earlier through her work at the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS​Ⓡ (PAR​Ⓡ​).  

A self-proclaimed, “real estate brat,” Laurie grew up in the industry during the 1970s and 80s, helping her then-successful-mom REALTOR​Ⓡ​ practicing in Bergen County, New Jersey, to stuff calendars and pens into envelopes, make copies for the old MLS books and even craft nut trees for special clients at Christmas! Those bonding experiences, and the food put on their table, as a result, sparked a passion for real estate that lives to this day. 
Laurie holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from the University of Florida. She spends her free time going to yoga, cycling, gardening, and volunteering in her community of Southport, North Carolina.